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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


Faith Early Learning Academy is a non-profit early school ministry, an outreach of Faith Wesleyan Church. It is our purpose to aid in the development of the total child with all of his/her social, emotional, mental and physical needs. It is our promise to provide a high quality and successful preschool experience for each child. 

It is our intention to provide in our preschool classes, a homelike atmosphere that welcomes child and adult alike.



Children learn best in...


  • An atmosphere of love, where each is encouraged to explore and discover while being treated with courteous and compassionate tenderness. 

  • An atmosphere of patience, allowing unhurried responses to the natural inquisitiveness of each child. 

  • An atmosphere of understanding, where children may develop a true sense of values. 

  • An atmosphere of warm and active cooperation between parents and teachers, which affirms the child as the most important concern of home and school.

Our Goals

Our goals at Faith are that each child will begin:


  •  To have a good self-image and a sense of personal worth.

  • To have the courage to try and fail.

  • To feel free to think and explore creatively in solving problems.

  • To be able to persevere, to set a task and complete it.

  • To develop self-discipline and self-reliance.

  • To become able to view others as unique and equally important.

  • To come to see himself as important to and loved by God.

  • To have a respect and love of nature.

  • To have control of physical movements and emotional expressions so that neither becomes an impediment.

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