Accepting Applications



We are very excited and happy to be able to offer our new Preschool Program at Faith Wesleyan Church! If you would like your child to join us for this 2021-2022 school year, or would like additional information, please fill out the following. We look forward to getting to know you and your child!

Faith ELA  accepts children of all races, faiths and nationalities who are two through four years old.


Tuition and Fees?

Children are our first concern and, indeed, our love. We are dependent upon tuition for the operation of our school. Faith ELA operates as a ministerial outreach of Faith Wesleyan Church but receives no operating fees from the Church. The program runs entirely on the fees collected from the families enrolled. Efforts are made to keep the tuition as reasonable as possible while still maintaining a high quality program with highly qualified teachers. TUITION for the school year is figured on a yearly rate and then divided into equal payments paid monthly. This 2020-2021 school year we will have eight monthly payments, October through May. Payment can also be made by the year. 3 mornings a week $1760/year $220.00/month Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4 mornings a week $2080/year $260.00/month Monday – Thursday (when offered)

REGISTRATION FEE: $75.00 for one child, $25 for each sibling
MATERIAL FEES: $50 paid twice a year.

Covid-19 precautions?

We have been working hard to plan for a safe opening of the school and to implement best practices to mitigate the risks associated with Covid-19. Our class sizes will be kept small and children will not intermingle with children in other classrooms. There will be much cleaning and sanitizing of furnishings and materials, and our schedule will be modified to allow for more time in outdoor learning spaces. All of the rooms at the church have also been cleaned and treated with Nano-Shield, a safe, anti-microbial system that inhibits the growth of all bacteria including the coronavirus, and this will be reapplied prior to the start of school. We will do all that we can to keep your child and our staff safe during this uncertain time, while still ensuring that children can play, explore, create and imagine, so important for the developmental needs of the young child.

Does my child have to be potty trained?

Yes! All children MUST be toilet trained except for those in our Two and Young Three year old classes.

What are the Payment Procedures?

If you have registered your child, the Registration Fee and the Material Fee is now due. Each month your child’s TUITION PAYMENTS are due on the 1 , and for this you will receive a monthly message through Venmo as well. Payment may be made on the Venmo app or a check may be brought to the school. Download venmo app and make your payment to Faith-EarlyLearners.

What are the school operating hours?

Drop-off is at 9:00 and pick-up at 12:00 for all classes. Lunch Bunch is 12:00 to 2:00 and sign up will be available to you at Orientation. CHILD MUST BE POTTY-TRAINED to join Lunch Bunch.